Use our How to videos on your website!

Use our How to videos on your website!

Use our 'How to Make' EUGY videos on your website with 5 easy steps!

  1. Find your EUGY video in our list below and go to the Youtube link
  2. Click on the ‘Share’ button below the Youtube video

  3. Click ‘Embed’ 

  4. Click ‘Copy’ and this will copy the link to embed the video 

  5. Paste this link into your website or blog 


Please note these instructions were from Embed videos & playlists - YouTube Help.

If you find any issues please contact your IT/website developer or find more information on YouTube.

EUGY Youtube videos

Model No Name Youtube Link
EG-001 Kiwi
EG-002 Fantail
EG-003 Tui
EG-004 Tuatara
EG-005 Tyranno
EG-006 Tricera TBC
EG-007 Stego
EG-008 Bronto
EG-009 Giraffe
EG-010 Elephant
EG-011 Zebra TBC
EG-012 Tiger - OLD
EH-012 Tiger - NEW
EG-013 Panda
EG-014 Unicorn
EG-015 Kangaroo
EG-016 Koala
EG-017 Penguin
EG-018 Sheep
EG-019 Shark
EG-020 Orca
EG-021 Dolphin
EG-022 Bald Eagle TBC
EG-023 Parrot
EG-024 Dragon
EG-025 Fairy Wren
EG-026 Magpie
EG-026 Hedgehog
EG-027 Kookaburra
EG-028 Cockatoo TBC
EG-029 Crocodile
EG-030 Tiki
EG-031 Mammoth
EG-032 Sloth
EG-033 Narwhal
EG-034 Llama
EG-035 Tasmanian Devil
EG-036 Morepork
EG-037 Clownfish
EG-038 Turtle
EG-039 Bear
EG-040 Wolf
EG-041 Chipmunk
EG-042 Moose
EG-043 Alligator
EG-044 Owl
EG-045 Bison TBC
EG-046 Meerkat
EG-047 Kea
EG-048 Platypus TBC
EG-049 Whale Shark
TIPS version -
EG-050 Mermaid TBC
EG-051 Humpback Whale
EG-052 Polar Bear
EG-053 Ptero
EG-054 Reindeer
EG-055 Santa
EG-056 Snowman
EG-057 Emu
EG-058 Echidna
EG-059 Lyre Bird
EG-060 Sea Otter
EG-061 Ankylo
EG-062 Mosa
EG-063 Pachy
EG-064 Spino
EG-065 Raptor
EG-066 Blue Whale
EG-067 Blue Jay
EG-068 Cardinal
EG-069 Unicorn Sky
EG-070 Lion
EG-071 Rabbit
EG-072 Red Fox
EG-075 Chameleon
EG-601 Minions Bob
EG-603 Minions Stuart
EG-602 Minions Kevin
EG-604 Minions Otto
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